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Your network infrastructure is the foundation upon which your IT services and applications reside. It is the “backbone” of the network and, in turn, supports the entire organization with elements that allow all types of critical functions— including data processing, storage, security and voice communications. Like all other facets of IT, infrastructure is expected to provide a return on investment through its ability to quickly and efficiently deliver new services that drive growth.

For organizations needing best-in-class servers, storage and other core networking devices, Elite Car and Home Technologies provides a broad portfolio of next generation standards-based products, services and solutions. Our expertise in infrastructure planning, installation and support are designed to enhance your IT capabilities with cost-effective data center solutions that offer the agility to keep pace with continually changing demands.

In today’s economic climate, every hour, dollar and watt you put into your infrastructure must be well spent. Most companies are looking to spend only on projects that will reduce ongoing costs by cutting deployment times, improving utilization rates and using fewer staff hours in the process.

To support the volume and complexity of today’s user and application requirements, organizations need to take a fresh approach to infrastructure. Fortunately, new technologies are available to help you construct a smarter, more flexible environment.

Business Servers

In any business, it is critical to protect and organize business information, to access information and resources remotely and to make the most of existing computers and equipment. Introducing the right technology can help you accomplish these goals and save you time and money. The foundation of effective technology starts with a server.

If you’re a business owner with two or more computers, you may have considered using a server system to help you keep your data more secure, run your business more efficiently, and communicate more professionally and effectively with your customers. If you haven’t set up a server in your business, perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the idea of researching the subject. Or, maybe you have limited staff to help you accurately determine your technology needs.

Elite Car and Home Technologies specializes in affordable, integrated server system solutions and employs a staff of experts who have extensive experience in designing and maintaining server infrastructures for businesses like yours. In the past, servers were used only by large companies because of their high cost and complexity, but our business server solutions offer small and medium-sized organizations significant advantages in terms of improved productivity and security as well as time and cost savings versus a peer-to-peer network.

Driving revenue and cutting costs, two common objectives for small businesses today. Elite Car and Home Technologies provides organizations with the tools and resources to help them achieve these objectives.

With a server, you can:

  • Provide a central access point for information instead of housing information on individual computers.

  • Back up your company information to help prevent data loss and to save time.

  • Enhance security by controlling access to sensitive data (financial records, personnel information).

  • Share equipment (fax machines, printers) and resources (Internet access) to reduce your costs.

  • Work remotely with easy and secure access to desktops, files, email and calendars from an Internet connected PC or mobile phone.

  • Easily set up new users, computers, and network access as staffing levels fluctuate.

  • Look professional by consolidating email accounts with your own company hosted email.


Virtualization is a proven software technology that is rapidly transforming the management of IT infrastructure. With virtualization, servers become dynamic software files that can be provisioned, managed, secured and protected with greater speed and efficiency using an on-demand pool of infrastructure resources. At the same time, applications can be delivered seamlessly with the highest levels of availability and service, without the cost and complexity of traditional IT solutions.

Before virtualization, IT departments would run one application per physical server machine in a one-to-one relationship. Once servers are virtualized, many applications (each in its own virtual machine) run on each physical server, creating a many-to-one relationship. Being able to run more business applications on fewer physical servers directly affects bottom line profitability by dramatically reducing administration, hardware, software, power and datacenter space costs. Virtualization also offers advanced capabilities to support business continuity and compliance requirements. It enables the encapsulation and protection of a complete system—configurations, application installation and data—into a small set of files which can be quickly restored without the complexity of traditional solutions.

Elite's expertise in infrastructure design and implementation, along with industry-leading virtualization platforms, have helped organizations of all size achieve efficient, controlled and flexible IT environments.



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